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Everything and a Happy Ending

A happy ending!!!

Dress your nails with this MelodySusie Gel Nail Polish Set.

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Gel nail polish is all the rave. It is so easy to do at home now, with the large availability of UV Nail Dryers on the market. Gel nail polish, however, is still pricey. Most require you…

Melt in Your Mouth Christmas Cutouts

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The holiday season is upon us and it’s just about time to start our Christmas baking. ?We had a great time this weekend as we welcomed a few young guests to share in the fun. ?I…

7 Birthday Resolutions

BeautyBeyondBones Proposal: If it’s culturally acceptable to have Christmas in July, then how about we do New Year’s in August?? hah Ok, maybe a bit of a stretch. Basically, as you know, it was my birthday last weekend. And thank you all again for… Continue Reading “7 Birthday Resolutions”

Silent Night

BeautyBeyondBones Whenever I go home to Ohio, probably one of the biggest adjustments to have to get used to, is…the quiet. Falling asleep, there is nothing. Maybe a distant train. Maybe the ticking of a clock. But it is silent. Especially in the winter.… Continue Reading “Silent Night”

That’s Home

BeautyBeyondBones I did something really fun last weekend. Something that was a new New York experience for me. And I’m not talking about standing in line at the break of dawn for SNL tickets – although I can check that off my bucket list as… Continue Reading “That’s Home”


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Butterflies can be time consuming to sew compared to other projects but there so many different styles that it’s never boring! Small butterfly front Small butterfly back Big butterfly

4-Cup Batter Dispenser with 2 Silicone Pancake Rings Bundle

DIY Felt Christmas Ornaments

Prayers for My Kind Grandmother

We always thought it was a long time of happiness in our life, and sorrow was far from us. We will always live with our loved ones. But in fact, it’s all wrong. Sadness is like the sky, because you can’t predict what time will… Continue Reading “Prayers for My Kind Grandmother”