Silent Night


Whenever I go home to Ohio, probably one of the biggest adjustments to have to get used to, is…the quiet.

Falling asleep, there is nothing. Maybe a distant train. Maybe the ticking of a clock. But it is silent.

Especially in the winter. When there’s a blanket of snow covering the ground, the silence can be deafening.

A far cry from New York City, that’s for sure.

Ambulances, garbage collectors, cars, rowdy bar crawlers, blaring music — all things I fall asleep to. In fact, from my bed, when I put my ear to the ground, I can feel and hear the subway pass beneath every 4.5 minutes.


Needless to say, silence is a bit of an anomaly in the concrete jungle.

But not here. Not in Ohio.

And there’s something about lying here, eyes closed, listening to the stillness, that I realize just how powerful that lack…

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