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So, How About those New Year Resolutions?

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pur·pose·ful·ly ˈpərpəsfəlē/ adverb     in a way that shows determination or resolve. “Rachael takes the lead, striding purposefully towards the door” 2. with a useful purpose. “how is it possible to share information effectively and…


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It’s the Carnival Season in Greece and people normally wear costumes and go to parties. I use the word “normally” since the financial crisis has left us numb watching our lives change every day, so to talk  about me, party…


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Fotografie di Violeta Dyli . Solo per i curiosi ci sono nuove foto su  e su Su questo blog ho quasi esaurito i giga gratuiti di WordPress e ho ancora meno del  20% di spazio per…

Let’s stop hating on Valentine’s Day

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For some reason, there is so much hate on a day which is meant to celebrate love. Okay, so not everyone is in a happy relationship, but since when is it okay to hate on other people’s happiness?!…

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See You Tomorrow

The chinese new year is coming, most of people are excited. But not for me, what i’m looking forward is a long time holiday, then i can leave my work and have a good rest. The fact is only the new year holiday is… Continue Reading “See You Tomorrow”

LED Lighting from AglaiaDirect

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I love LED lighting. Be it solar, decorative, holiday, security, or regular indoor house lighting. It is leaps and bounds better then compact fluorescents. Compact fluorescents have powdered mercury in them. You cannot legally throw them away…

BlueFire Rigid Flexible WiFi Endoscope

Beautiful LED Candle Makeover

Beautiful candle.