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Thoughts about Tuesday

I felt sad all day. When I try to come up with a solution to the problem, new problems arise. For example, last night, I have to think about the name of the trademark as much as i can, it until 23 o’clock before… Continue Reading “Thoughts about Tuesday”

Feelings about These Days

When i got my first job as an online store retailer and operator in a foreign trade company, i have a dream, be a boss of myself one day. The first year, my classmates and i have the same dream-start our own business. But… Continue Reading “Feelings about These Days”

See You Tomorrow

The chinese new year is coming, most of people are excited. But not for me, what i’m looking forward is a long time holiday, then i can leave my work and have a good rest. The fact is only the new year holiday is… Continue Reading “See You Tomorrow”

About me

Hello, my name is Slina. I came from countryside which is in south of state. I graduated in 2016, and now I am worked in a foreign trade company as an e-store operater. I like reading, writing, photography and trying new things. I like… Continue Reading “About me”