Crystal gems healing, home improvements and some funnny things in our life.



Thoughts about Tuesday

I felt sad all day. When I try to come up with a solution to the problem, new problems arise. For example, last night, I have to think about the name of the trademark as much as i can, it... Continue Reading →


Feelings about These Days

When i got my first job as an online store retailer and operator in a foreign trade company, i have a dream, be a boss of myself one day. The first year, my classmates and i have the same dream-start... Continue Reading →

See You Tomorrow

The chinese new year is coming, most of people are excited. But not for me, what i'm looking forward is a long time holiday, then i can leave my work and have a good rest. The fact is only the... Continue Reading →

About me

Hello, my name is Slina. I came from countryside which is in south of state. I graduated in 2016, and now I am worked in a foreign trade company as an e-store operater. I like reading, writing, photography and trying... Continue Reading →

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