We always thought it was a long time of happiness in our life, and sorrow was far from us. We will always live with our loved ones. But in fact, it’s all wrong.

Sadness is like the sky, because you can’t predict what time will thunder, what time will it rains. Sometimes, we are always feel lucky because in our thought, probability of accident is low and small. However, when it happens, we are still feeling panic and sad.


We know that some things will happen sooner or later, we also know that the tears and sadness will blow away with the time goes by. However, when the sad news came, I realized that i’m not strong enough in fact, because it can’t help to stop tears and sorrow.

When I got a call from my mother who is the only one at home this afternoon, I thought I could feel the pain of my mother when i heard my grandmother passed away at noon. I can’t imagine what happened when the accident happened.

Since then, my mother’s mother can no longer take care of her children, at the same time, I lost my grandmother. For Grandpa, he lost his wife forever.

I think he should be the most sad person. From then on, no one spoke to him, no one would cook, wash clothes and do other household chores.I think he will be very lonely in the future life.


It seems that everything is a dream, it will be dispersed with the passage of time. I hope you can hear our prayers in heaven, my kind grandmother. Prayers for you, prayers…