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The Passing of Time 

BeautyBeyondBones It’s a breathtaking morning here. One of those mornings that happen only when it’s right on the cusp of spring. Kind of like winter’s last stand. 6am. And there’s this thick blanket of fog that is covering the backyard, with only the faint… Continue Reading “The Passing of Time “

3 Ways to be a better Baker

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I’m Still Here, Amazonia

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Photo by Cynthia Guenther Richardson In the night, something misses me. I sit up and peer into the blur of darkness, check to see if Bodhi is at my feet but know he isn’t. He likes Kara’s bed…

Do You Have Any Cleaning Tips?

Buying Time

we sell our time to the lowest bidder. the eternal pondering, will it be paper or plastic? gift wrapping  pieces of a life in the cellophane  of extrinsic control, while gravity sobs fert… 来源: Buying Time

The Crab Apple ~ Malus Species

Oasia – New collection Make up Spring – Summer 2017 by Ten Image

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E’ arrivata Oasia, la New collection  make up Spring – Summer 2017 by Ten Image! La nuova linea di make up presentata dalla casa produttrice Ten Image lo scorso 13 febbraio in Barcellona, sta già…

Seashell Monogram Letter


The Great Wall: Review

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Warning: all the spoilers for The Great Wall. When I first heard about The Great Wall, I rolled my eyes and dismissed it as yet another exploitative tale of Western exceptionalism where the white guy comes in, either…

All These Angels!