Crystal gems healing, home improvements and some funnny things in our life.



Somethings I Want to Say

I worked with one of my US resellers a few months ago. I still remembered that when she first told me she needs this item and want to promote it on social media. After she told me about it, i... Continue Reading →


Insist On Doing One Thing

Insist on doing one thing seems simple, but hard in reality. For example, running every afternoon after work, reading at every night. Things look so simple and easy for us, right? Most of people can insist on doing one of... Continue Reading →

Thoughts about Tuesday

I felt sad all day. When I try to come up with a solution to the problem, new problems arise. For example, last night, I have to think about the name of the trademark as much as i can, it... Continue Reading →

Feelings about These Days

When i got my first job as an online store retailer and operator in a foreign trade company, i have a dream, be a boss of myself one day. The first year, my classmates and i have the same dream-start... Continue Reading →

Prayers for My Kind Grandmother

We always thought it was a long time of happiness in our life, and sorrow was far from us. We will always live with our loved ones. But in fact, it's all wrong. Sadness is like the sky, because you can't... Continue Reading →

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