Somethings I Want to Say

Animal Shape River Stone Craft

I worked with one of my US resellers a few months ago. I still remembered that when she first told me she needs this item and want to promote it on social media. After she told me about it, i tried my best to contact our factory manager, so that i can make sure all of materials are in good quality.

It tooks half a month for us to make all thing done and sent them to the US warehouse. I think it may helps for her while promote this product.

In fact, i used to try my best to do somethings for my partners. When they offered their website or shopify store link to me, i will check some time, when i noticed some items have low inventory or out of stock, i will remind the reseller about them.

As for me, i treated all customers as friends. And i solve all problems in patience when they messaged to me.

I think the most different thing about me and other Chinese people is that all i do is not only for work and salary, but also for help others.

I met so many reviewers on Facebook at first year when i operated Amazon Store for the company, i treated all reviewers as my frineds, when they need help, i also try my best to help them. Also they helped me a lot too. And i became one of honest friend for some of them. At that time, i felt all i did were worth it.

From last year, i started to wrote blogs, in fact, few of Chinese people write English blogs. Why i do it? My English and grammar are better than others? No, I just want to help customers when they need some information about stones.

Not all customers know crystal stones well, some are new learners. As for new learners, they need to know some baisc information about stones. That’s the main reason i started wrote blogs.

Sometimes, other workers said to me like this, ” you looks like a fool, why you did a lot, customers didn’t pay you.” Well, i agree with a part of their words. Yes, i did a lot,such as title and description optimization, providing better logistics for different amount of orders from different countries. Do simple videos, sending message to customers of about the discounts forcertain high quality products.

I think whether the things worth or not, it depends on ourselves. If all you did make you happy and feel good, that’s enough.

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