Feelings about These Days

When i got my first job as an online store retailer and operator in a foreign trade company, i have a dream, be a boss of myself one day.
The first year, my classmates and i have the same dream-start our own business. But things changed a lot after we worked one year in company. They no longer want to start their own business, they enjoy the peaceful work and daily life, though sometimes they may complained about somethings of work.
Though other people changed their mind, but i still work hard for my dream. It’s not easy to make it came true. I met a lot of problems, when i asked some of friends(Chinese friends) to give me a hand, they didn’t reply. I can understand there is no obligation for them to help me. So i try my best to solve problems by myself. Cause i know i need to be strong and offer a better life to myself.
I just felt sad sometimes when i met unpredictable problems and couldn’t solve them in a short time. When i told these problems to others, they would ask”what’s wrong”, after i explained, they just kept silent and left. Yes, they just need an answer. Chinese people often did that. I’ve already accustomed to those things as I’m living here all the time.
I made a plan for my dream. And i want to open a company next year. That means i need to prepare well this year. I need to apply a brand and build an online store first.
It’s not easy to apply a brand in China if you don’t have a proof of your address. I ‘ve tried many ways to solve this problem, it goes well at present.
As for the online store, it takes me much time, i can build blog by wordpress easily, but i haven’t set up store before, it’s a challenge for me. Though i bought a store site on bluehost.
I think things well go better if i continue to do somethings. I will keep my dream all the time and i won’t give it up. I prepared for it for nearly two years, i keep learning new things and saving money in daily life.
Though sometimes i feel sad, i still believe tomorrow will be better after hard working.

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