See You Tomorrow

The chinese new year is coming, most of people are excited. But not for me, what i’m looking forward is a long time holiday, then i can leave my work and have a good rest.

The fact is only the new year holiday is the longgest one.New year is like usual, nothing special. What we do every year is staying with family members, visiting relatives,giving lucky money out and attending many parties, to be turely, the party is about eatting. As for the luck money, only my dad will give me some.


During the holiday, the traffic is bad. That’s why i don’t like to go out.It’s not easy for me to stand for a long time in bus with so many people. You can imagine the scenes. When all cars are parked on the road, you can’t drive it and get off.The only way you can do is wait. I think that one of reason why i’m not crazy for new year.

Anyway, i need to prepare and back to home.

See you tomorrow.

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