Purple Amethyst Crystal Stone Healing Properties

Amethyst is regarded as a social stone, which can make people come and go in social situations. The popularity of amethyst crystal is introverted, and the heart is attracted by the heart; often wearing amethyst helps to meet the frequent. To improve intuition and subconsciousness. In the five elements, amethyst is the main fire, it can make people have tolerance, bring extravagance, and convince people with their heart, so that their subordinates can serve themselves. Amethyst stone also means of being rich.

amethyst pendants handamde classic

The auspicious stone of the effect of amethyst. In Greek mythology, amethyst is a symbolic jewel of the mysterious vitality of Bacchus. It is said that Bacchus can transform the vitality of sex into spiritual vitality through amethyst, and it can also play a great role in solving sexual problems and finding suitable objects. the power of. In Western countries, amethyst is considered to be the guardian stone of love, which can bring people honesty, chastity, courage and self-confidence, and can make deeper and romantic love between couples and couples. Amethyst can also make the other party loyal to their love, the marriage is full of happiness, and can enhance the relationship between human and heterosexuality. It can also help the success of love and career, and it can be used as a sentimental one, and it also represents luck.

amethyst stone archangel symbols
Carved Amethyst Stones Archangel Symbols

Amethyst enhances confidence and courage. Amethyst has elegant and noble colors. People wearing amethyst can enhance their temperament and make them full of confidence and vitality. Amethyst can also enhance spirituality at the spiritual level.

amethyst stone yoni eggs
Amethyst crystal egg shape stones polished

Amethyst not only develops wisdom, helps thinking, but also helps to concentrate, increase memory and the vitality of brain cells, it helps to make the mind flexible. Therefore, amethyst is suitable for students and office workers who need long-term works.


The feng shui effect of amethyst. In Asia, amethyst is a good Feng Shui stone, which can play a role in the town house and bring good luck. Amethyst caves and amethyst clusters commonly can be used as feng shui stones in home offices. They are used in homes or in corporate offices. They have the effect of gathering gas and collecting wealth, avoiding evils. It is best to put it in the financial position. In addition, it is also good to put amethyst and stabilize the marital relationship and enhance the wisdom and concentration. It is also can be put it in the bedroom and the study place.


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