Natural Fluorite Rainbow Crystal Meaning, Properties and Uses

What Is Fluorite Quartz
Fluorite, as known as fluorspar, is a halide mineral, it also known as soft crystal, colorful gems, rainbow gems, dream stone and so on. Its main component is calcium fluoride, we write CaF2 in our daily life.

color fluorite stone necklaces

Why Called Fluorite
Fluorite is generally in granular or massive, with a glassy luster, blue, green or purple color. Fluorite often emits blue-green fluorescence under ultraviolet or cathode radiation, and its name is based on this feature.

fluorite rough stone necklaces

Where Can Fluorite Be Found
Fluorite is produced all over the world. China is one of the countries with the most fluorite minerals in the world, mainly produced in Zhejiang, Hunan and Fujian province. Other major producing countries in the world include South Africa, Mexico, Mongolia, Russia, the United States, Thailand, and Spain. Fluorite is used as a fluxing agent in the metallurgical industry and as a raw material for the manufacture of hydrofluoric acid in the chemical industry.

geometric fluorite stones

What Are the Uses of Fluorite
In industry, fluorite is the main source of fluorine and is capable of extracting fluorine and its various compounds. Half of the production of fluorite is used to make hydrofluoric acid, which in turn develops cryolite for use in the aluminum industry.

As semi-precious stone, Fluorite used often in our life. They can be cut and polished into many different figurines or crafts, they can be used in home decor and feng shui. Because of the nice color, they are used in jewelry making by jewelry designers. The cost of fluorite stones is not high, most of people can purchase them on market. We can see many fluorite crystal beads strands or pendants online with affordable price.

green fluorite stone rough

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