Crystal Stone Roller Massage Tools for Body Relaxation

Healing Stone Crystal Double Roller Massager Skin Care Tools




1.Health care and disease prevention anti-change.
2.Promoting blood circulation to remove the blood status and producing new blood.
3.Balance Yin-Yang so as to prevent and treat diseases and conserve health.
4.Relaxing muscles and tendons and revoing obstructionform meridians.
5.Adjusting the biological information of arrhythmias, so as to play a role for adjustment of the diseased organ.
6.Excluding the Toxin of body.


Quartz Stone Double Roller Benefits:

Improve blood circulation and skin tone
Improve elasticity of the skin
Promote lymphatic drainage
Reduce puffiness and wrinkles
Reduce dark under eye circles
Eliminate toxins
Tighten and reduce pore size

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