TGS Gems® healing crystals Reiki with One Pouch

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Within our busy lives we don’t spend the time to calm down and become balanced for out own well being.

With this set of chakra stones you have the key items that you need to open, clean out of balance your own personal chakra.

This is a Complete set the Amethyst is for the crown of the head, clear is for opening your third-eye where I am working on currently, Lapis for the throat (one of my hardest to open for me took time), Green Aventurine Heart Chakra, Yellow for the Solar Plexus, Carnelian Sacral Chakra (just beautiful once open for me personally), Red Jasper the root Chakra. Each of these that I have listed are key in opening yourself to explore the deeper feelings and experiences of Chakra.
For a beginner I would recommend that you study with and notice the full benefits of the stones.

TGSGems gave me…

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