Mala Beads Meaning and Usages

108 Mala Beads Meaning

Buddhist prayer beads or malas are a traditional tool used to count the number of times a mantra is recited, breaths while meditating, counting prostrations, or the repetitions of a buddha’s name. They are similar to other forms of prayer beads used in various world religions and therefore the term “Buddhist rosary” also appears.


Why Are There 108 Beads On A Mala?

The number 108 is significant for so many reasons. Conventional Buddhist tradition counts the beads at 108, signifying the mortal desires of mankind.

In a number of Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the number 108 has a special religious significance, as the Mukhya Shivaganas are 108 in number and hence Shaiva religions, particularly Lingayats, use malas of 108 beads for prayer and meditation. Some people believe that it can make them feel peace while they wearing mala jewlery.


Uses About Mala Beads

Malas, strand of 108 beads plus a “guru” bead traditionally used for meditation and prayer, this is one of the trends in wearable yoga, some mala necklaces that combine natural gemstones imbued with potent energies and sacred meaning to infuse your practice.

Malas are typically made with 18, 27, 54 or 108 beads. In Tibetan Buddhism, malas of 108 beads are used. We can see a part of mala bracelets are made by 18 beads on some online stores.

As for me, i don’t use mala beads in mediation, i use them in bracelets or necklaces, they are beautiful as decoration and generally feel good.

In winter, some girls like wearing long chain necklace to sweater. I think it’s a great idea if using the 108 mala beads as chain. That would be nice. Especially for someone who like crystal stones, it not only for decoration, but also can enjoy the benefits from the stones themselves.


Mala Usages for beginners:

1.Choose a spot and sit comfortably with your spine straight, close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths to center and align yourself with your intention.
2.Hold mala in your right hand, draped between your middle and index fingers. Starting at the guru bead, use your thumb to count each smaller bead, pulling it toward you as you recite your mantra.
3.Traveling around the mala, until you once again reach the guru bead. The total is 108 times.
4.If you want to continue the meditation, you can begin it again.

Source Information: Buddhist prayer beads – Wikipedia
Mala Usages-Online search


Healing Properties and Uses of Hematite Stone

Introduce of Hematite

Hematite is a shiny, dark-coloured stone found all over the world. It is made mainly of iron, which gives it its metallic sheen.The name “hematite” comes from the Greek word for blood. It has been used as an amulet against bleeding, it is also known as the “blood stone”.

Polished Hematite Tubled Stones

Where Does Hematite Stone Comes From

Hematite Stones come from many different countries, such as China, Canada, USA, Italy, England, Germany, Western Australia, Argentine and Switzerland. But the most important source of hematite is Brazil. Brazil is famous for stones.


Hematite Properties and Meanings

Hematite stimulates iron absorption in the small intestine, which in turn improves oxygen supply to the body. It balances the mind and spirit connection. It can be in direct contact with the skin, but results in inflammation for some people, so please test carefully before using it.

Hematite was a popular stone which used for decoration, jewelery in ancient time.It use widely during in life. Hematite’s powerfully earthy energy means that it can be used for almost any project that involves the power of the element of earth.

Hematite is used to improve relationships. If you need your personal relationship to be better, carry a hematite with you always.

Magnetic Hematite Beads Bracelet

Basic Information About Hematite:

Element: Earth

Chakra stone

Hardness: 5.5 – 6.5 Mohs, medium-hard stone

Color: silvery metallic luster, grayish black, brownish and orange-red.

Mainly use: 1. Grounding and Balancing
2. Boost Self Confidence and Logical Thinking


Some Uses About Hematite

1. Wearing Hematite jewelry such as hematite bracelets, bangles, necklaces or rings (on left hand).

2. Place hematite under your (or their) bed or pillow in order to avoid the negative energies, also you can put it in work place.

3. Carrying a piece in your pocket

4. It is the proper stone for divination purpose

5. Can be combined with stones that display the powers of the other three elements (air, fire and water), it can be used with other chakra stones.

Natural Black Onyx Healing Properties And Uses

Black Onyx, some people also called it black Agate. The black onyx is a pure black stone.
Once cleaned up and everything, it is smooth on surface after polished. The black onyx
makes a great stone for jewelry, such as beads bracelets, necklaces and rings.



Where’s the Black Onyx Comes From

Black onyx mainly comes from Brazil, South America, China and Uruguay. The black onyx
that comes from Brazil is famous in thw world, as the quality is great.

Onyx is the Mystical birthstone for the month of December. It is also the birth stone for
the Zodiac sign of Leo. Onyx is also given on the 7th and 10th wedding anniversary.

When used in jewelry for protection, black onyx can be set in silver, white gold and
yellow gold. Each metal accentuates this mineral stone beautifully. It is worn by those
who feel the need to ward off any negative energy. The black onyx is placed as
protection, silver is used in the meantime because it is pure and can also ward off
negative energy.

Black onyx gives an inspiration for happiness and good fortune to come. It further helps
an individual to discipline one’s self.In ancient, black onyx and pearl are used as

Black Onyx means protection, self control, decision-making and intuition. It is said that
black onyx can change our habits, either when used with faith. It can be used as one
powerful protection stone as it absorbs negative energy of people to release mental
stress and promote emotional well-being.


Uses and benefits of Black Onyx

1. Used in jewelry

2. Can be used as home decoration

3. Black onyx stone can change the bad habits of the user

4. It can reduce stress and give us a good sleep at night

5. Assist or help the growth of skin, nails and hair

6. Absorbing negative elements that in air, improving spiritual inspiration

7. Bringing huge benefit to heal people physically,it also used to treat emotional

Black onyx stone are affordable and available in different sizes in market at present.
Black Onyx is sometimes often difficult to distinguish from other black stones, so when
you want to buy them, you’d better to confirm if it is the real black onyx.

Aliexpress 11.11 Sales Global Shopping Festival China Deals

aliexpress sales.jpg
aliexpress shopping

History of Singles’ Day

Chinese Singles’ Day or Guanggun Jie is an entertaining festival widespread among young Chinese people, to celebrate the fact that they are proud of being single. The date, November 11th, is chosen because the number “1” resembles an individual that is alone. This festival has become the largest online shopping day in the world, with sales in Alibaba’s sites Tmall and Taobao at US$5.8 billion in 2013, US$9.3 billion in 2014, US$14.3 billion in 2015 and over US$17.8 billion in 2016.
(This information comes from Wikipedia)

The shopping festival is coming, when i work in office, i can hear workers are talking about shopping, it’s really crazy when they decided to stay up to 24:00, the reason is for deal and super discount.

Some customers were prepared for the 11.11 sales a few week ago. They added many items in their shpping cart and then waiting for the discount.

And there has shopping guide on aliexpress.


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Some Information about Runes Set

I found an article about runes, i think it may help to some people who’s looking for information about rune stones.That’s why i share this article.

Smoky Quartz Rune Stones Set

What Can Runes Be Used For?

The runes can be used to help guide you through problems or issues and help show you what is likely to happen. They’re not a form of fortune-telling and don’t offer exact answers or give you advice – rather they offer different variables and suggest how you could behave if the event does occur. Runes are known for hinting towards answers, but leaving you to work out the details, which is where intuition is helpful.

Runic readers acknowledge that the future isn’t fixed and that individuals have the power to follow their own path and make their own decisions. So if you don’t like the guidance that a rune reading provides, you’ve got the power to change your direction, or your path, and follow a different route.

Runes can be used in many different situations. For example, one of the occasions when it can be useful to consult the runes is if you’re in a situation where you have limited information, or can only see an incomplete picture.

Polished palm stone obsidian rune stone set

How Do Runes Work?

When you cast the runes, it’s not fortune-telling. The idea behind the way that runes work is that, as you ask a question or think about an issue, your conscious and unconscious minds are focused. When the runes are cast in front of you, they’re not totally random, but are choices that have been made by your subconscious.


What Can I Ask The Runes About?

Some people using runes believe you should only ask about issues, whereas others regard it as fine to ask questions. Whichever method you use, keep your question or issue clearly in your mind as you cast your runes.

Remember that’s doing a rune reading is not about seeing the future or definitive answers. It’s about looking for possible causes and effects and seeing potential outcomes.


What Sort of Runes Do I Need?

Runes can be made of different materials, including wood, stone, pebbles, crystals, bone or even metal. When you’re first starting out and discovering if you like rune casting, then a simple set will be sufficient.

However, once you’ve practiced for a while and developed a passion for runes, then it’s lovely to be able to choose and buy a special set. If you’re drawn to a certain crystal, such as rose quartz or amethyst, then perhaps investing in a crystal set of runes would be appropriate. Or you can buy a set carved into simplistic pebbles or small pieces of stone.

Either way, the material the runes are made of is a very personal choice and it’s what you do with them that really matters.

When you buy a set of runes, they will often come with an instruction booklet that explains what each rune is, what its symbol represents and how it can be interpreted.

More rune stones you can find here on aliexpress.

Healing and Properties of Carnelian

Carnelian Thumb Up Fist Pendant

Color of Carnelian

The earthy and grounding carnelian is an orange-colored variety of Chalcedony, a mineral of the Quartz family. Its color varies from pale pinkish-orange to a deep rusty brown. The most powerful ones being the red and the deep orange color carnelian.

carnelian necklace
Carnelian Necklace

Where Does Carnelian Come From?

Carnelian is found in many places around the globe; that’s the main reason to make this stone very affordable.

Most of the carnelian on the market comes from India, Peru, Iceland and Britain.


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Healing Property of Carnelian

Carnelian is believed to help timid speakers become both eloquent and bold. Carnelians are excellent aids for training, coordination of physical exercise programs, and for balancing body energy levels.

Carnelian is both an energy booster and an energy stabilizer.It is a joyful stone that feels very secure in its essence and transmits the same warmth, protection and inner security to its surroundings.

Carnelian enhances mental clarity and positive emotions, promoting a brighter outlook and an appreciation for your life lessons. Wearing Carnelian jewelry it’s a good choice to help balance energy of our body.

Natural Crystal Stone Tree Of Life Vintage Charms

This type of Tree Of Life Pendant is made by Amethyst, Green Aventurine, Clear Quartz and Copper Alloy.


Tree of Life

The concept of a tree of life is a widespread mytheme or archetype in the world’s
mythologies, related to the concept of sacred tree more generally, and hence in religious
and philosophical tradition.

The Tree of Life is a many-branched tree that represents the interconnectedness of all
life. The Tree of Life represents the idea that all life on earth is related and we all
have the same beginnings.


What does the Tree of Life represent?

A symbol of connection to all things. The tree has roots that reach into the soil, acknowledging its connection to, and accepting nourishment from, Mother Earth. Leaves and branches extend into the sky, acknowledging Father Sun and accepting the energy that it transforms into nourishment.

A symbol of family and connection to your ancestors. A tree symbolizes the generations of your family.

As a symbol of growth and inner strength. A young tree starts out with shallow roots that
strengthen and grow deeper over time. Branches start as small buds and stretch upwards, reaching for the sky.


1. Leaves

The leaves on the Tree of Life represent the uniqueness of all earthly creations, including ourselves. Like the leaves of a tree we are all different shapes, colors and textures.

2. Branches

The branches reaching outwards represent our human need for expression- in arts, science and spirituality, among other outlets.

3. Trunk and Roots

The trunk and roots are the anchoring image of the Tree of Life. The trunk is a symbol of strength, the roots remind us where we originate or imply that our actions in this life have deep meaning.

Healing and Properties of Sodalite Stones

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sodaliteWhat Is Sodalite?

Sodalite is a rich royal blue tectosilicate mineral widely used as an ornamental gemstone. Although massive sodalite samples are opaque, crystals are usually transparent to translucent. Sodalite is a member of the sodalite group with hauyne, nosean, lazurite and tugtupite.

Sodalite is mainly found in Greenland, Canada, the USA, India, Brazil, Namibia and Russia.


Basic Information of Sodalite

Chakras – Throat Chakras and Third Eye Chakras
Zodiac – Sagittarius
Planet – Moon
Element – Water, Air
Typical colours – Rich royal blue, green, yellow, mottled with white veins or patches


Healing and Properties

As a stone of truth, sodalite mineral stones improve communications. Disagreements and arguments are easier to work through with the use of sodalite. It helps reduce negativity and enhance positivity, assisting in working through disagreements by putting a more positive light on the issue.

It can be used to assist in dream recall or to practice lucid dreaming. It’s an excellent stone to reduce mental stress and blood pressure. It balances metabolism, facilities proper cellular hydration, and soothes the nervous system.

Sodalite treats the throat, vocal cords, larynx and helps with hoarseness and digestive disorders. It cools fevers, lowers blood pressure and stimulates the absorption of body fluids.

Sodalite mineral stone supplies water energy in Feng Shui. Water energy maintains balance and energy flow that effects one’s career and life path in general.

sodalite beads

Use of sodalite:

1.Use a sodalite mala or prayer beads
2.Hold a sodalite mineral stone at home
3.Used as healing stone. Place a sodalite stone, statue, obelisk or pyramid nearby while meditating.
4.Wear sodalite gemstone jewelry to enjoy it’s healing energies.

Sodalite is a very flexible stone that you can pair with several stones and crystals, especially if you want to attract good luck, wealth, and abundance.

Meaning and Healing of Turquoise

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Introduce of Turquoise

Turquoise, it is rare and valuable in finer grades and has been prized as a gemstone and ornamental stone for thousands of years owing to its unique hue. It’s a blend of the color blue and the color green, has some of the same cool and calming attributes. The color turquoise is associated with meanings of refreshing, feminine, calming, sophisticated, energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness, creativity, emotional balance, good luck, spiritual grounding, friendship, love, joy, tranquility, patience, intuition, and loyalty.


Where Is the Turquoise Come From?

Most of Turquoise stones come from Australia, Iran, Afghanistan, Tibet and south-western USA. It may also be found in France, Arabia, Egypt, Britain, Poland, Russia, China, Peru and Mexico.


Main Chakra: Heart
Planet: Jupiter
Vibrates to the number: 4, 6 and 7
Element: Earth
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Blue Turquoisise Beads












Metaphysical Properties of Turquoise

These beautiful blue/green gems are known to aid the development of psychic gifts, they have a long list of metaphysical properties. It’s ability to strengthen us goes beyond physical strength to give us the strength to do what must be done.

The turquoise gemstone is the symbol of friendship and it can bring peace to the home and good fortune to the owner. It is believed to carry with it great truth and wisdom inside it.

Turquoise stone can be self-centered, tuning in to its own needs above all others. it can help us to build our self-esteem and to love ourselves by the same time.

It’s an excellent healing crystal that has been used for this purpose since ancient times. This stone’s energy will work in a diverse range of ways within different chakras, it will carries a strong ability to aid you to live your life with truth.

Turquoise Stones

Uses of Turquoise Stones

1.It can be used in chakra healing.
2.Turquoise stone craft for home decor
3.Wearing them to boost your psychic powers
4.It’s a December birthstone, (It’s also an ancient birthstone)


Now many Turquprise stones selling on market are dyed Magnesite or sometimes dyed Howlite, be aware and ensure you get the genuine stone when you purchase this type of stones.

NOTE: Healing crystal remedies should always be used to complement traditional medical treatments, not replace it. As with all alternative therapies, always check with your doctor before using.

Somethings I Want to Say

Animal Shape River Stone Craft

I worked with one of my US resellers a few months ago. I still remembered that when she first told me she needs this item and want to promote it on social media. After she told me about it, i tried my best to contact our factory manager, so that i can make sure all of materials are in good quality.

It tooks half a month for us to make all thing done and sent them to the US warehouse. I think it may helps for her while promote this product.

In fact, i used to try my best to do somethings for my partners. When they offered their website or shopify store link to me, i will check some time, when i noticed some items have low inventory or out of stock, i will remind the reseller about them.

As for me, i treated all customers as friends. And i solve all problems in patience when they messaged to me.

I think the most different thing about me and other Chinese people is that all i do is not only for work and salary, but also for help others.

I met so many reviewers on Facebook at first year when i operated Amazon Store for the company, i treated all reviewers as my frineds, when they need help, i also try my best to help them. Also they helped me a lot too. And i became one of honest friend for some of them. At that time, i felt all i did were worth it.

From last year, i started to wrote blogs, in fact, few of Chinese people write English blogs. Why i do it? My English and grammar are better than others? No, I just want to help customers when they need some information about stones.

Not all customers know crystal stones well, some are new learners. As for new learners, they need to know some baisc information about stones. That’s the main reason i started wrote blogs.

Sometimes, other workers said to me like this, ” you looks like a fool, why you did a lot, customers didn’t pay you.” Well, i agree with a part of their words. Yes, i did a lot,such as title and description optimization, providing better logistics for different amount of orders from different countries. Do simple videos, sending message to customers of about the discounts forcertain high quality products.

I think whether the things worth or not, it depends on ourselves. If all you did make you happy and feel good, that’s enough.