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5 Sites I Use For Free Photos For My Blog

Hi there! This is one of the first blogging tips and tricks post I’ve written in a long while. I hope to get into the swing of things really soon, but back to this post… I love using images on my blog. I use…

International Women’s Day

Originally posted on Christopher Martin Photography:
This year’s theme, “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030” draws attention to the very real and very troubling trends of gender inequality, pay gaps and pressure to reduce or impede women’s rights around…

Feelings about These Days

When i got my first job as an online store retailer and operator in a foreign trade company, i have a dream, be a boss of myself one day. The first year, my classmates and i have the same dream-start our own business. But… Continue Reading “Feelings about These Days”

Best Plants for the Bathroom

Cleaning Tips for Cat and Dog Owners

Calvin’s Puzzles

A Note about Red Jasper stone

One customer told me some functions of red jasper stone when he placed order about element symbol palm stone set from our ebay store. I used to think engraved stones just stones with simple symbols. In fact, they are not. Cause there are many… Continue Reading “A Note about Red Jasper stone”

Memory of Sunday

This is the first time for me to climb mountain this year. I thumbed a ride to the foot of Xixian Mountain which near the work place. For us, the only rest time is Sunday in every week, so I cherish the opportunity to… Continue Reading “Memory of Sunday”

Springtime Bottle

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Spring will soon be in the air! This is a really sweet craft project for spring that is very easy to do. This would be a fun project for your children to make. To make this Springtime Bottle all you…