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Uriel-Archangel Symbol

Element of Earth, and Guardian of the North. Keeper of Prophecy. Angel of Nature, Visions, and Instruction. Origin of Archangel Uriel Archangel Uriel is not named in the Bible but you will find him in other Christian and Jewish texts.... Continue Reading →


Raphael-Archangel Symbol

Element of Air, and Guardian of the East . Keeper of the Tree of Life. Angel of Love, Healing, Joy and Laughter. What Is Raphael Raphael is known as being a healer because of the records of healings performed by him... Continue Reading →

Health Life Starts from Yoga

There are so many ways to keep fit, i think Yoga is a great way for us, it doesn't take up time, and it's no limit for space, you can do it at home. 10 Most Important Yoga Poses Mountain... Continue Reading →

January in 2018 New Year

January is a big month that holds lots of clues as to what is forming for the years to come. Use this energy to manifest and to start taking action to create a better world for yourself and for everyone... Continue Reading →

 Pohāku Lāʻau – How Crystals And Gemstones Heal Us

Powerful crystals and gemstones. 🙂

Hālau 'Aha Hūi Lanakila™

You may have heard that crystals and gemstones are powerful healing tools, or that they can create radical changes in your life. You may have also heard that there is zero scientific evidence of this. Both of those statements, in my view, are true. How is that possible?  […]

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Oasia e Ten Image: incontri al 50° Cosmoprof Bologna 2017

Make uo make life more colorful. 🙂 🙂

Please Another Make up by lellaj1005

Ormai chi mi segue sa benissimo che collaboro con la rinomatissima azienda Spagnola Ten Image che ha alle spalle una grande scuola professionalizzante  e uno staff veramente competente e competitivo.

Il primo stand che ho visitato in questo 50 cosmoprof è stato il loro: Ten Image per la presentazione di Oasia|| Collezione primavera/estate 2017 e ve l’avevo introdotta QUI.

Ovviamente oggi vi lascio a bocca asciutta eheh eh eh eh eh perchè vi lascio giusto una fotina ma questa collezione… me la devo studiare ancora bene nel servizio fotografico da presentarvi…. lo sapete benissimo che mi ci dedico con amore ^_*

ten image stand cosmoprof 2017

Ecco qui lo stand dove ogni anno il fantastico make up artist Jordi Justri crea giornalmente le sue opere Makeuppose. Personalmente lo adoro e furono proprio le sue opere a farmi avvicinare a questo stand tre anni fa or sono ^_^. Ero abbagliata dalla sua bravura, dai colori…

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What will your cards reveal for you in 2018.

A tarot card reading can help give clarity to your clouded thoughts and will definitely help you to give a new perspective towards life. Everyone can use a little help during those distressing times or when we are not sure about which path to take. 🙂



This 12 month card reading gives you unique insight and guidance about the entire year, month by month.

A tarot card reading can help give clarity to your clouded thoughts and will definitely help you to give a new perspective towards life. Everyone can use a little help during those distressing times or when we are not sure about which path to take.

So if you’re wondering what the cards hold for you in the upcoming year why not book your tarot reading for 2018 so that you know what the future has in store for you.

We all wonder if the New Year will be better than the year gone by, will our relationships be successful, or will I find the partner and could marriage be a possibility, will my financial situation get better this year, or maybe your looking for an exciting job opportunity.

Instead of worrying and…

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“Haunted” DIY Ghost Stories of Vancouver, Canada

When i read the dialogue in blog and comments from other people, i have one feeling, life is simple than we thought. 🙂

Fixin' Leaks and Leeks

IMG_1300 Lobby and fireplace of the Executive Hotel Le Soleil Vancouver, Canada.  Photo by Cecilia Kennedy.

Scandalous, murderous, and mysterious tales abound in Vancouver, Canada, but why pay hundreds of dollars for an authentic ghost tour, when you could make up your own, inauthentic stories for free? Of course, making up ghost stories “for free” doesn’t have to involve any fancy planning, but Nate, Alex, and I decided to drive 2 ½ hours to Canada and stay overnight for “inspiration.” So, no, we didn’t go on any official ghost tours, but for those of you who are wondering, here are a few we would have taken had we not been so cheap or imaginative on our own: Ghostly Vancouver Toursand Forbidden Vancouver.But, oh! The stories we can now tell thanks to our overactive imaginations! I’ll begin with:

“Border Patrol”

Nate: Now, when we get to the border, please don’t…

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Reusing Essential Oil Gemstone Roller Ball Bottles

Essential oils are used frequently in our daily life. Most people will put essential oils in different containers. I think that the main reason why the essential oil containers became popular in nowadays. As one of containers, essential oil roller... Continue Reading →

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