Purely Crystals Story

purely crystals

I have a dream about start my own business one day after i graduated from college.
I know i have nothing except knowledge when i left school, so the first thing for me is to work and earn some money, because i know business needs money to support.
I worked hard and learn new things by myself, there was no theachers any more, and there was also no parents to remind me every thing. I often work later, i remember study is important, so i arranged my free time to make it worthwhile. I tried to build up website, the name is “ purely crystals” . I remind myself to do what i can do, and try my best to do better.
I knew i didn’t do well in fact, problems often and some times they make me can not breathe, i need to solve them by myself, because i know no one can help me at that time, some friends started to away from me. But those didn’t make me down, i insist to doing something and earn money, then oneday, i decided to make a store, the name also called “ purely crystals”.
I think dream is important for people, i like the sentence “ those who losing dreaming are lost” , i wrote it in store to remind myself.

Store link: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/3478024?spm=5261.seller_index.0.0.1d523e5fjJ1EAG

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