Reusing Essential Oil Gemstone Roller Ball Bottles

Essential oils are used frequently in our daily life. Most people will put essential oils in different containers. I think that the main reason why the essential oil containers became popular in nowadays.

roller ball bottles
Stainless steel roller ball bottles amber color

As one of containers, essential oil roller ball bottles attract people’s attention. Eessential oil roller ball bottles have many sizes to meet our different demands. The 1/3 oz and 2 oz amber essential oil bottles are popular.

natural gem roller ball bottles frosted glass 

Most roller balls are made by stainless steel. But there comes up a new environmental protection roller ball bottles. Designers use the natural gemstone as roller balls, as natural stones have healing power.

gemstone roller ball bottles with crystal chips
Mixed crystal stone roller ball bottles

Each gemstone roller balls corresponds relevant mini crystal stone chips which in bottles. These crystal stone chips are sterilized in boiling water and then dried by the wind. Please note natural stones have color difference, they can’t be avoid.



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