Archangel Stone Symbol- Reiki Healing Protection Guidance and Faith

I’m searching information about symbols on recently. As i want to sort out relevant information for different symbols. I know, there are some one who like me, they don’t know Archangel Symbols. I think it’s necessary to post something about Archangel  here, so that it may help some people to understand.

Natural amethyst stone engraved archangel symbols

As a powerfull grounding set, Archangel Angel symbols are used for Healing, Protection, and Guidance. Each Archangel corresponds to an Element, as well as a Compass Direction.

Rose quartz archangel symbol picture

ArchAngel Uriel: Element of Earth, and Guardian of the North. Keeper of Prophecy. Angel of Nature, Visions, and Instruction.

ArchAngel Michael: Element of Fire, and Guardian of the South. Chief Angel of Justice, Strength, and Protection

ArchAngel Raphael: Element of Air, and Guardian of the East . Keeper of the Tree of Life. Angel of Love, Healing, Joy and Laughter.

ArchAngel Gabriel: Element of Water, and Guardian of the West. Patron of Messengers. Angel of Resurrection, Mercy, and Peace.

Nowadays, more and more people use Archangel Angel symbols set in healing. In my thought, the simple symbols have many positive meanings in it. It can make our life more colorful.

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