Natural Black Onyx Healing Properties And Uses

Black Onyx, some people also called it black Agate. The black onyx is a pure black stone.
Once cleaned up and everything, it is smooth on surface after polished. The black onyx
makes a great stone for jewelry, such as beads bracelets, necklaces and rings.



Where’s the Black Onyx Comes From

Black onyx mainly comes from Brazil, South America, China and Uruguay. The black onyx
that comes from Brazil is famous in thw world, as the quality is great.

Onyx is the Mystical birthstone for the month of December. It is also the birth stone for
the Zodiac sign of Leo. Onyx is also given on the 7th and 10th wedding anniversary.

When used in jewelry for protection, black onyx can be set in silver, white gold and
yellow gold. Each metal accentuates this mineral stone beautifully. It is worn by those
who feel the need to ward off any negative energy. The black onyx is placed as
protection, silver is used in the meantime because it is pure and can also ward off
negative energy.

Black onyx gives an inspiration for happiness and good fortune to come. It further helps
an individual to discipline one’s self.In ancient, black onyx and pearl are used as

Black Onyx means protection, self control, decision-making and intuition. It is said that
black onyx can change our habits, either when used with faith. It can be used as one
powerful protection stone as it absorbs negative energy of people to release mental
stress and promote emotional well-being.


Uses and benefits of Black Onyx

1. Used in jewelry

2. Can be used as home decoration

3. Black onyx stone can change the bad habits of the user

4. It can reduce stress and give us a good sleep at night

5. Assist or help the growth of skin, nails and hair

6. Absorbing negative elements that in air, improving spiritual inspiration

7. Bringing huge benefit to heal people physically,it also used to treat emotional

Black onyx stone are affordable and available in different sizes in market at present.
Black Onyx is sometimes often difficult to distinguish from other black stones, so when
you want to buy them, you’d better to confirm if it is the real black onyx.

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