Natural Crystal Stone Tree Of Life Vintage Charms

This type of Tree Of Life Pendant is made by Amethyst, Green Aventurine, Clear Quartz and Copper Alloy.


Tree of Life

The concept of a tree of life is a widespread mytheme or archetype in the world’s
mythologies, related to the concept of sacred tree more generally, and hence in religious
and philosophical tradition.

The Tree of Life is a many-branched tree that represents the interconnectedness of all
life. The Tree of Life represents the idea that all life on earth is related and we all
have the same beginnings.


What does the Tree of Life represent?

A symbol of connection to all things. The tree has roots that reach into the soil, acknowledging its connection to, and accepting nourishment from, Mother Earth. Leaves and branches extend into the sky, acknowledging Father Sun and accepting the energy that it transforms into nourishment.

A symbol of family and connection to your ancestors. A tree symbolizes the generations of your family.

As a symbol of growth and inner strength. A young tree starts out with shallow roots that
strengthen and grow deeper over time. Branches start as small buds and stretch upwards, reaching for the sky.


1. Leaves

The leaves on the Tree of Life represent the uniqueness of all earthly creations, including ourselves. Like the leaves of a tree we are all different shapes, colors and textures.

2. Branches

The branches reaching outwards represent our human need for expression- in arts, science and spirituality, among other outlets.

3. Trunk and Roots

The trunk and roots are the anchoring image of the Tree of Life. The trunk is a symbol of strength, the roots remind us where we originate or imply that our actions in this life have deep meaning.

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