Materia Medica

Schisandra Berry

“Chinese mock barberry,” “five flavor berry,” “lemon wood,” “magnolia vine,”  “wu-wei-zi” (Chinese name)

2c73f5e21e7c68ee3a3f69e154398274Schisandra Chinensis

A special plant holding its place in many medicine cabinets for those looking to heal body and soul. Schisandra is an ancient herb in the Eastern world that is now spreading its roots to the West, gaining more recognition for its medicinal properties. This plant has a vivacious personality, very spicy, yet sweet, tangy, bitter, and salty, which gives it the common name “five flavor berry.” With all of its unfolding qualities this plant could truly help a lot of people, mentally and physically. Get to know it and explore its bountiful benefits below.


berry plant

A climbing woody vine apart of the magnolia family. Schisandra has bright green shiny leaves that are deciduous during dormancy. They produce male and female flowers on separate plants eventually forming small bright red berries hanging, grape like…

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