A Note about Red Jasper stone

One customer told me some functions of red jasper stone when he placed order about element symbol palm stone set from our ebay store.

I used to think engraved stones just stones with simple symbols. In fact, they are not. Cause there are many people said these stones helped them a lot in their daily life.

For example, when we used natural crystal stone for reiki healing, we need to selet the perfect one as reiki stone. That means the stone you bought must without big cracks or chips on the surface.

Every stone has different meaning when it used in different condition. For some people, they think the red jasper represent violence, it’s not a great idea as a healing stone.

Some people have opposite views. They said red Jasper grounds your energy and brings problems to light before they become too big. Helps support stress.
It is a good stone for seeing problems so works well with some people.Each material also has it’s own properties.They bring comfort and help people understand.

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