Springtime Bottle

Great thoughts about “springtime bottle”.


Spring will soon be in the air! This is a really sweet craft project for spring that is very easy to do. This would be a fun project for your children to make.

To make this Springtime Bottle all you need is:

  1. Bottle  (you can use any glass bottle, or even a vase)
  2. 1/2 Napkin
  3. Mod Podge (You can also use liquid starch)
  4.  Raffia ribbon
  5.  Jewels
  6.  Foam Brush

You can purchase all these items (except the mod podge) at a dollar store.

I found these adorable napkins at the dollar store…couldn’t resist the napkins and matching plates….they are so pretty! I only used half a napkin for this project.


I started by cutting one napkin in half. It was the perfect size to fit from the bottom of bottle up to the neck. I cut a rectangle the same length of the neck, and enough to wrap around the whole…

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