So, How About those New Year Resolutions?

What's for Dinner Moms?

    in a way that shows determination or resolve.
    “Rachael takes the lead, striding purposefully towards the door”
    with a useful purpose.
    “how is it possible to share information effectively and purposefully with project partners?”

Still sticking to that diet of water and bananas? Still being a better person and helping the needy? Solved all the world’s problems? Maybe it is time to re-visit those resolutions.

Back at the end of December I chose the word purposefully as my guiding word for the year. (click for link to post) It has come into play several times over the last month. Most recently in my decision to cut back on my volunteer commitments to spend more time with my son. I also had to use it this morning in choosing oatmeal over the cinnamon and cream cheese frosted waffles.  Purposefully.

I was thinking today that maybe…

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