Some recent Advent activities (Christmas 2016) and our Christmas books.

Every Day Begins New

We haven’t been that consistent in terms of doing an Advent activity each day. Some days we don’t get the chance to do one and other days we may do two activities. Either way we are having fun and doing things together. We are yet to do any baking but will likely do that together next week. This past week has been mostly art/craft work as this is what my children have wanted to work on. Each Sunday night we have lit one of my children’s home made candles and either read Christmas stories or sang Christmas carols. This is something my children look forward to doing.

painting-pine-cones Pine cone painting.

advent-table-decoration Pine cones on our Advent table.

candle-making-for-advent-ring Candle making for the advent wreath.


making-wrapping-paper Making/using child made wrapping paper to wrap gifts.

paper-chain-decoration Paper chain Elephant Christmas Tree decoration.

colouring-in Colouring in using a Christmas colouring book left over from last year.

making-decorations Lots of…

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