Be Happy in Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is coming after a long time waiting. Honestly,I’m feeling a little excited about it.

The Department Manager distributed apples to everyone this afternoon. Because it is said if one ate apples on Christmas Eve, this person will be happy and healthy in the coming new year.



Well, I know it’s a legend, but i’d like to believe it. This is a great hope. Exactly to say,  i hope people come from all over the world will be happy and healthy in new year too. And i’m willing to share it to everyone.

Big Apple
Red Apple

This picture of natural rose quartz apple are for you, hope you all will enjoy it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Natural Rose Quartz Apple

At this moment, I really miss the old days that i had. And I sincerely hope my distant family and friends will have a wonderful Christmas Eve.

On this special day, I hope all of you enjoy your time.

Love you all


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