The Meaning and Uses of Red Jasper

As we know, jasper comes in many colors. All colors of Jasper will help balance the vibrations of the body. Here are a part of colors for jasper: brown, white, gray-blue, gray, orange, yellow, red, pinkish, green, purple.The most we saw is red jasper.

Hardness (Mohs): 7
Transparency: opaque
Lustre: Earthy
Habit: Massive

Red Jasper Tumbled Stone

Spiritual and Psychic Properties

Jasper is known as a stone of gentleness, comfort, and relaxation.
It is a powerful protection stone in general and can be used in protection magic and other places you want a strong but gentle protection. It has many energy properties too, such as prosperity, gardening and agriculture. Historically these were related concepts when wealth was more often counted in agricultural and pastoral terms, but jasper does have prosperity vibrations in other areas as well.

Mini Red Jasper

Jasper balances yin/yang energies. This is helpful in many areas of life and can bring healing, peace, and ease.

Engraved Red Jasper Crafts


It is used for bringing beauty, into life and specific situations. Beauty brought by jasper can be striking inner beauty as well as external beauty. This is gaining it the name “make up stone”.
Red Jasper helps with the sense of smell. It also promotes physical energy.

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