Awake for Dawn

Cats and Chocolate

Dawn By Michal Dzierza via Unsplash.

The dawn is gentle and kind, rising up with a peachy blush. I’ve been awake this week to see the way the sun lights up the horizon with colours that you’d find in the spring, rather than in the winter. It’s almost as if the sun is reminding us that it exists, that behind all the dark mornings and early nightfall, there is a blaze of fire in the sky. I’ve been grateful for that, this week. It has reminded me constantly to take the moment to breathe, to watch the sky, and relax into a new day. I’m finding that as much as I appreciate a long sleep, I also enjoy early mornings much more than I used to. There is always a little time, if you’re not in a rush, to appreciate a moment of quiet.

British people like to talk about the…

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