Himalayan Salt Lamp Globe

Reviews that Shine

I love Himalayan salt lamps and fell in love with this unique shaped globe lamp.  It is a perfect round globe that weighs 8.4 pounds and sits atop a round wooden base.  It comes with a lightbulb included, although mine was broken on arrival.  This was not an issue for me because I happened to have some extra bulbs on hand (25 watt nightlight type size).  There is a dimmer knob on the black cord (which is  about 66 inches), which is a great feature for this lamp.  These lamps are known to help with a variety of things,one being that they help with stress and anxiety by giving out a warm and calming glow.  Another benefit of this lamp is that helps to filter the air more efficiently so that any foreign particles that are in the air won’t make it to your lungs.  This is especially good for people that suffer from allergies, asthma, and breathing…

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