Wuzhen, Never Came to Leave

Wuzhen, I do not want to leave

introduce of Wuzhen
The south of the Yangtze River is like a dream, gently with everyone in the heart of the lingering. The dream is like a kind of feelings, it is a call that bring me to the old times.
The most impressive in South of the Yangtze River is the Millennium ancient town- Wuzhen.


In Wuzhen, you can see the unique Bridges that built up in Ming and Qing dynasty, under the bridges, you can see the boats and greenflowing waves. On the revier bank, you can see the drooping willow tree, the water tower under the white walls and black tiles. Everything here is super in my heart. An old house with dense rich historical atmosphere, these seems familiar in my night dreams. Involved in these ancient things, people will feel peace when they stand in the space-time of history and reality staggered in.
Wuzhen, near in Hangzhou West Lake, it still has a unique charm of Jiangnan, quiet and regraceful after changing. Although there are many tourists in Wuzhen now, but there is always quiet, cause  this kind of quiet temperament, many people dream of having a travel here in one day.

In addition, Wuzhen has the characteristics beautiful scenery of Jiangnan , there are a lot of unique charm out of the ordinary. Many ancient buildings intact out of print, some of  houses keep the original ecology of the Jiangnan style, and you  can find many original workshops.

Wuzhen is a place where there is a story. The pieces of the stone pillar, which has been trampled smooth depression. It witnessed the rise and fall of Wuzhen after thousands of years of passers’ coming and going.


There are some of production processes, such as old wine, delicious, traditional Duck in Brown Sauce and biscuits. The old door and the beam silently tells the vicissitudes of Wuzhen.
Carved pillars and brick, can let a person give birth as the acme of perfection with unlimited imagination.My favorite is wood carving crafts in here, they will bring to life after they are carved by hands.

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