Natural Crystal Salt Lamp with Salt Chunks Dimmable Switch

Fashion Salt lamp:


It is best that the lamp remain on as much as possible to be effective as a negative ion producing air filter. In a damp environment, while the lamp is off, it is best that the lamp rest on a cloth to protect the surface it sits on. This is not necessary while the bulb is on as the warmth from the bulb will easily evaporate any excess moisture.

Himalayan Rock Crystal Salt lamps are naturally formed, the rock crystal pieces are mined and hand selected from the Himalayan Mountains. Once you light up the salt lamp it will emit soft glowing amber colored light.

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Being in the presence of the unique natural glow can relieve stress to create a comfortable space. Himalayan Rock Crystal Salt Lamps have also been recognized as a great contribution as a color therapy tool.


The natural light of a Himalayan Rock Crystal Salt Lamp is soft and pleasing to the eye and no artificial light can begin to compare. With each lamp’s unique bands of orange, yellow, white, and other naturally occurring colors, they have proven to have calming physiological effects when used in the presence of psychological treatments.

In addition, the soft sheen of Himalayan Rock Crystal Salt Lamps can help people relax, obtain emotional stability, purification, clarity, as well as being a sobering force for spiritual healing and self-cultivation.


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